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About Mass Effect Andromeda Game:

Mass Effect Andromeda is an action role-playing game in which the player takes control of either Sara or Scott Ryder from a third-person perspective.Unlike previous installments in the Mass Effect series, where players began each new game by choosing from six different character classes that each had their own unique set of skills, players instead have free reign to assign any skills that they want and build towards a specialty over the course of the game. Points assigned to each skill can be constantly reallocated so that players can experiment with multiple gameplay approaches without having to restart their games and build up their skills from scratch again.

Mass Effect Andromeda features an open world environment, which is similar to and much expanded from the original Mass Effect. Players are able to play as either a male or female human character. Players will be able to pilot the reintroduced and customizable six-wheeled buggy-type vehicle, Nomad, to explore the new planets featured in the game.

Some Screens inside the game:

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