Fallout Shelter Hack (Android/iOS)

Hi! Finally we are able to release our Fallout Shelter Hack to get your unlimited cash,unlimited lunchbox and unlimited caps. With these programs for fallout, you have the pleasure of knowing that there is not even a jailbreak required. That’s right, now you can hack in Fallout Shelter without even requiring a jailbreak on your phone. The most exciting part is that this is a whole new generation of mobile hacks where everything is free to download or install any extra software or apps.

If you’ve got yet not been convinced that this Fallout Shelter Hack is working, above we have a proof that shows the amount of Cash we have added to the great game using our tool. As you can see we’ve managed to get the Cash in the game with no actual problems, the whole process took about 2 minutes.

This game is number one on the free Apple App Charts.Currently, Fallout Shelter is the most talked about mobile game in the world right now, and it’s definitely worth the hype and buzz surrounding it. If you are looking for a good Vault dweller strategy game, with some RPG and action then look no further than Fallout Shelter on iOS.

Fallout Shelter Hack

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