Top 10 games you have to play

Hello gamers. After 4 months of this amazing year we will make a top 10 games , the most important games so far in 2018. There’s no denying it: just over halfway done and 2018 has already been a cracking year for games.We all know that the popularity of video games has exploded in the past two decades, going from the pastime of a few, to a culture for many, to a multi-billion dollar global business industry that continues to grow at an astounding pace. Gamers are everywhere, so no matter where you live, you can access a variety of game design blogs. It’s an exciting time for video game connoisseurs and creators.

We’ve risked life and limb in Dulvey, Lousiana, fenced with demons in ancient Japan, took down a mecha-t-rex with a slingshot, pulled off a heist inside somebody else’s head and even swapped blows with naked futuristic androids…If you’ve managed to keep up, then we commend you, but with all those big-name titles hogging the limelight, there’re bound to be some smaller ones you’ve missed.Hence, we’ve put together this handy checklist to help you stay abreast of things. Any here that got by you? Here we start…

1. Styx: Shards of Darkness

A tongue-in-cheek follow-up to 2014’s Styx: Master of Shadows, this comic fable of murderous goblins and fantasy kingdoms expands the original stealth-em-up gameplay with impressive visual chops and a hefty dose of two-player co-op.

What you’re missing: a foul-mouthed goblin spouting pop culture references as he knifes well-dressed elves from the shadows.

2. Yakuza 0

The second one in our list of top 10 games is Yakuza 0. The prequel to SEGA’s long-running and much-loved Yakuza series splashed down on PS4 earlier this year to a wave of high critical praise that left many uninitiated gamers wondering what all the fuss was about. If you’re one such person, this might just be perfect excuse to find out.

What you’re missing: a dark and dangerous world of gang crime, murder, mah-jong and karaoke.

3. The Turing Test

The somewhat blurry divide between human and machine intelligence is a quandary as old as the sci-fi genre, but that didn’t prevent the developers behind The Turing Test finding a surprising new angle on the subject in their deeply mysterious, explorative puzzler, released this year on PS4.

What you’re missing: funnily enough, what we’re all ‘missing’ is what The Turing Test really wants to answer.

4. The Sexy Brutale

If you’re looking for something truly unique in the narrative puzzle genre you’d struggle to find anything more original than The Sexy Brutale: a fantastically quirky aesthetic, a creepy little plotline and a clever use of time loop mechanics combine to make a game which is effortlessly intriguing.

What you’re missing: the sort of obsessive attention to detail that makes exploration truly rewarding.

5. Torment: Tides of Numenera

This long-awaited spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment was a crowd-funding sensation, meeting its initial funding target within just six hours. The final product, despite a number of delays, delivered PlayStation 4 one of the best classic RPG titles in years.

What you’re missing: a high-concept visual aesthetic quite unlike anything else on PlayStation 4.

6. Shadow Warrior 2

Flying Hog Games follow up to 2014’s Shadow Warrior dials their custom brand of boyish irreverence up to 11 as the foul-mouthed, no-nonsense Lo Wang returns to slice up demons, gangsters and rogue corporate entities alike – and this time he’s brought friends.

What you’re missing: probably one of the most satisfying co-operative first-person shooters since the Borderlands series.

7. Outlast 2

Ill-advised to anyone of a delicate disposition, Red Barrels brutal and deeply-disturbing follow-up to 2014’s Outlast is a gruelling descent into madness, isolation and fanaticism that’s punctuated by some of the most wholly unsettling imagery to ever appear in a video game.

What you’re missing: a no-holds-barred horror experience that will challenge more than just your competence with a controller.

8. Tales of Berseria

The long-running Tales of… series got a timely revamp this year with the latest instalment rejigging everything from combat and exploration to overall tone and, in doing so, delivered one of the freshest franchise entries in years.

What you’re missing: the series’ first ever mainline female protagonist, Velvet, leading a distinctly anti-hero cast of characters.

9. Little Nightmares

Tarsier Studios got thoroughly under our skin in May with their simple, unassuming horror title about a lost child in a giant sub-nautical doll house. Filled with the kind of chilling and surreal imagery that fuels childhood nightmares it was timely reminder that there’s more to the genre than zombies and axe-murderers.

What you’re missing: some of the most psychologically unsettling design work since the Silent Hill series.

10. RiME

The lastest game released but not the last one of the list top 10 games is Rime.After a lengthy labour of love, this year finally saw the launch of Tequila Work’s RiME. First teased to audiences all the way back in 2013, this incredibly polished puzzle platformer has proved worth every bit of the wait, delivering one of the more memorable gaming experiences this generation.

What you’re missing: a game that hums with so much artistic confidence that it’s simply a pleasure to behold.

This was our favourite top 10 games so far in 2018. We will soon come back with information about the latest games that have been released this month and about the games that will be available by the end of this year.